Refurbishing Service

If Grandma’s quilt has some damage such as frayed fabric, rips, or the binding has come off:  don’t despair, we can repair that for you.  We have a collection of vintage fabric we can use to cover or replace missing or ripped blocks.    We are also able to carefully clean some quilts.

For this Sun Bonnet Sue, we worked block by block to repair each one by appliqueing fabric and lace to cover ripped areas.

A man brought this one to me after he found it in his aunt’s shed.  I repaired the mouse hole and tighten some seams.  Then cleaned it .  He was very happy as he had been fond of his aunt.

This lady brought a mysterious box to her appointment with me.  I love boxes because I know it will be an interesting challenge!  Her mom and her aunt quilted together their whole live (like my sisters do) and when they were trying a new block, they would make a practice one.  Well, the box had all of their practice blocks!   She wanted me to make her a quilt from those blocks.  All sizes and shapes, what fun.  Finished queen size.

This was the last top a customer’s mom made before she passed.  The blocks were bigger than sashing so I had to take apart top by strips to make blocks smaller, then put back together and add muslin to even out top and bottom and to make longer.  Was full size when finished.

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  1. We have a quilt that was made in the 40’s for my husband by his grandmother. I wasn’t aware of proper care for quilts. It has been washed and dried many times. I would like to have it restored for his 70th birthday. What can you do to help me?

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