For refurbishing services we charge $15/hr for sewing plus cost of any materials needed.  For an estimate I would have to see the item in person.  It is difficult to get an accurate idea from a picture.  This includes putting a back on a top and quilting it.  Sometimes we have to work on the top before finishing it.

To order a custom quilt, our prices start as follows:

Throw or baby size:                               $100

Twin                                                          $250

Full                                                            $350

Queen                                                       $450

King                                                          $550

These prices are base prices.  Keep in mind that the more work involved and material needed prices are adjusted accordingly.

Bring us your original ideas!  We love a challenge and I tell people if we can draw it, we can make it!

We would love to hear from you!  Please leave your info if you:

  1. are interested in ordering a quilt make just for you!
  2. are interested in ordering a quilt as a gift!
  3. are interested in one of our items for sale and have questions. (please note, I do not have this currently on our webpage: to see available quilts, please check out our Etsy page.)
  4. would like to get on our newsletter list.
  5. just want to say Hey! and share a picture of your quilts, we love show and tell!

You can call us directly at 615 334 1160  during store hours Monday-Saturday 10-5.