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momLeola’s Cottage is named for our mom, Leola Green.  Besides being an excellent mom, she passed on her love of quilting to myself and my sisters.  Mom and I would spend entire days antiquing (always stopping for a good lunch because that is just part of it), bookstore and fabric store.

Debbie and Dianna (my sisters) are wonderful quilters,  Their work is all over this site and available for sale.  The more complicated a pattern, the happier Debbie is.  Dianna has a gift for color and design.  So when the two of the work together, it is amazing.  Anyone who requests complicated custom order, I zoom right over to them.

Debbie                 Dianna                Donna              Diane


Diane Turley, is my partner in crime.  We have been doing craft fairs, antique booths and custom work together for about seven years now.  As you can see from this picture taken during Paducah quilt week, she fits right in with us!  Diane loves making baby quilts and is our expert on antiques.  We still have our antique booth, which Diane keeps full from auctions and such.

I am Donna, and I am a quiltaholic.  I offer vintage refurbishing, and custom designing.  Currently I rent space in a store called Momma’s Place while my husband is finishing the downstairs that was my studio.  (well, he says he is, it has been over a year though).

Diane and I are working towards opening our own storefront.  We had been using the name 3 D’s Quilts and More  (Debbie Dianna Donna and Diane is and More).  However that name is already used online so we decided on Leola’s Cottage.  Our goal is to open the kind of store my mom would have loved poking through, full of antiques, books, gifts, fabric pieces and vintage sewing and quilting items. Of course there will be quilts for sale, new and vintage.  With a studio in it to make custom quilts, have classes, or just have people come hang out and sew.

Our logo is mom at around 16 or 17.  She was Leola Dunavan then.  My dad, John Green, was in town working on a job when he saw her.  As he tells it, he saw her walking into a store and that was it.  Told the guy with him, “Hands off, that one is mine!”  And the rest is history,  they married and left Hiawatha KS, had three daughters and one son, ending up in Wellington Fl where Dad retired.  Spoiled eleven grandchildren and two cats.  They would have been married 60 years a month after Mom passed away.  Now my dad is back in his RV and we have no idea where he is most of the time.

That reminds me, I should call him…….

2 thoughts on “About Us”

    1. Hi, sorry for delay in answering, I was out of town for my daughter’s graduation. We would be happy to repair your quilt for you. If you would like to email us some pictures, I might be able to give you and idea on price. I am not sure where you are located, if you are in the White House TN area, we can set up an appt. and I can give you a more accurate price. If you are not local, send me the pics and then you can ship the quilt to me if you would like. Our email is leolascottage@yahoo.com or you can call me at 615 720 7500 if you have more questions., Thanks, Donna


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