Where Have We Been?!

New Storefront!

Last time I talked to you, we were in the middle of relocating our store a whole half mile up the road. We reopened beginning of March, just in time to close because of Covid shutdowns. We were open a whole 2 weeks, but those were very good weeks, which told us that it was a good decision to relocate.

Most of our vendors moved with us (we do have awesome vendors) and we have some new ones. Also now there is much more room for Diane’s finds! There are few auctions right now, however she does seem to find cool items from other sources

My studio is up and running, just finished all the Christmas orders, which have all been picked up. Diane found time for custom work while keeping our customers happy (She is amazing that way). I would love to share pictures but not sure if all are given yet so I have to wait. Would not want to spoil any surprises! Here is a queen sized quilt soon to be finished that will be for sale I can show. Email us if anyone is interested!

There is not enough space in this blog to detail all the vendors we have right now, I will do that soon, they are just to awesome and we are grateful for all their support during the last year! We are lucky to have a variety of pickers, crafters, and just creative people to fill our space. Follow us on social media to see the new items they are always coming up with!

We do offer gift certificates now! And we do shipping! So our certificates are not limited to only local customers. Just give us a call or email, we take payments over the phone, and we can mail it out to you! Our thanks to Jean Morford, one of our vendors, for designing this for us!

Curbisde sales and custom orders kept us going during the shutdown. Our sales came from videos and Leola’s Pick of the Day featured on Instagram and Facebook. You can follow us on those to see our posts. We can do shipping if you would like to purchase something from those posts, just give us call or message us.

My custom orders usually run about two or three months out so I had enough lined up to get us through May. I believe we reopened sometime around then, so things worked out.

On a personal note, I was diagnosed with state 3 cervical cancer during the shutdown (I do know how to time being sick). After radiation and chemo treatments though July by wonderful medical people, I am better, everything bad is gone. I was not able to come back full time until September so Diane was one who got us through the shutdown and kept everything going! I really can’t say enough about what a great partner and friend she is. We are still open because of all her hard work. (I was too busy watching reruns of Magnum PI and other shows). Also, my sister Debbie Campbell, came and finished the custom orders I was not able to do, so big thank you to her! And the rest of my family for all their support. I consider myself a very lucky quilter!

Come Up in the New Year

Finally the end of 2020 is here! 2021 is going to be a great year for us, I just feel it! We do have some events coming up which we will share on Facebook and Instagram more information when everything is finalized for each one.

First will be a big Xmas sale sometime in middle of January. Diane is planning alot of reorganization for the store so we will keep you posted on that!

Followed by a Valentine’s Day event in February

and outdoor vendor event co-hosted with our neighbor Studio 76 in the late spring.

During January, we will be setting up our online shop for our new and vintage quilts along with some antiques, fabrics and whatnot, so keep an eye out for that!

We will be starting an online monthly newsletter, so if you want to be on that list, shoot us an email from our contact page so we can sign you up!

Next blog we will share some of the projects we have completed during the last year, along with some in progress. Very interesting repair and custom work coming during the beginning of the new year!

We welcome any questions or comments, go to contact page to leave those!

Just want to thank everyone taking the time to read my ramblings and for your support during this crazy 2020! Onward to 2021!

Donna & Diane

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