Quiltcon 2019!

Lucky Us!

Diane and I decided to take a day and have some fun!  Luckily one of our vendors Jean offered to watch the store.  I felt like I was leaving my baby with the sitter for the first time.  Here’s the sales program, here’s the Paypal (of course I forgot to show her how to use it, sigh), here is this and here is that.  You have our phone numbers, call us if you need us.  (Of course Diane left her phone in the car and I almost wore out my battery taking pictures).  Anyway, we went and had a great time!


Quiltcon is put on by the Modern Quilt Guild which is international.  Lots of creative quilters!  A nice variety of vendors, fabric, tools, longarms,  I did spend a little money.  It was located at Music City Center so the parking was onsite.

Here are some of my favorites, unfortunately I did not think to get the info on who made what, which is important.  One picture does include the artist and of course I did not get her name either.  My apologies to those quilters!

Two quilts that really stood out for me:quiltcomfem

This one looks to be embroidered and gives the artists personal story.  Worth taking the time to click on to make bigger to read somehow.  And then you step back and it says Why I am a Feminist.


This one to me is the most powerful designed and made by a seventeen year old!  I am so mad I did not get the artist’s name!  My apologies again!

I am sad that the show is in Texas next year, would totally be worth a road trip though!

I am going to get info on the local guild, very cool.

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