Sometimes It Does Take a Village

Well, the store has been open a few weeks and we are having customers actually making purchases!   All but one of our vendors are all set up and selling.  We do have some ads running, have to get more flyers printed and distributed.  Our ribbon cutting is set for September 25th.  and our Open House for October 6th.  We are not doing them the same day because we want open house on a Saturday.  Both Diane and I have events in September that were already scheduled before this opportunity appeared so we decided on October.

We will show more of the store on our ribbon cutting post, but this time I wanted to highlight some people who are really supporting us and helping out.  One person I did not get a chance to get a picture of is Diane’s sister Dona who was here last week.  Dona Decker lives in Miss., and came up for a trip her and Diane were making.  She set up her booth and helped Diane organize some displays and such.  Really liked having her around and I hope she comes up again soon.

B & B Signs in White House designed our sign.  This is our banner  and our sign is a much bigger version.  We are really happy with how they came out!

sign guy

Diane’s husband Bob came one day and put together shelves for vendors.bob working

My daughter Alexine is in the process of painting words on our windows.  the first windows will say Custom & Repair, second says Quilts, third will say Antiques and last will say Gifts.  Way cool.

Allie painting

My Dad paused his travels and stayed a few days.  My sister brought the table that goes with the machine from my mom, so the two of them rearranged my studio to fit it in.  I actually was waiting for my sister Dianna to get here because she is a master at arranging to fit many items into a small space!  My dad also fixed some things that needed repair.  And he loves to take us out to eat, which since we love to eat, worked out well for both of us I think.

dad working

And here we are after all the work is done!  Debbie, Dianna and me in front of some of the quilts for sale.  Dianna came up from FL with a truckload; the table and more items of my mom’s that we are selling.  And that truck was full!  I did mention she is the master of arranging things!  Debbie has been coming and helping when she can from about 3 hours away.  Of course we took a trip to KY where our favorite fabric store, Whittles is at!

sisters setting up

I also have to mention my computer team (and yes it takes a whole team to get us set up, we are that technically challenged).  My son Jean-Luc set up the front counter pieces, his wife Alissa is my tech support and fine tuned things.  Dad and my nephew Ritchie orgranized all the hundreds (or so it seems) of cords behind the counter.  I am not sure what they did but it involved a hole saw.  Alissa’s mom Sabrina has been my Quickbooks and GoAntiquing guide.

Sew, as you can see, it sometimes takes a village to open a store.  I feel very lucky to have such a great support system and to have a friend like Diane to be brave enough to do this with me!

Next post, we will show the store I promise!


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