sew very busy!

This past month has been crazy!  Now that we signed a lease on a storefront, Diane and I have been running around like quilters looking for the scissors left sitting somewhere.  Diane has been organizing our antiques, quilts and linens for sale as well as pricing all the items from my mom that we are selling (no small task!)  She is a great merchandiser and I have been trying to stay out of her way!

I had no idea of the paperwork and just stuff that has to be filed, deposited, opened and documented in order to open a business.  What a learning experience!  Anywho, I think all of that is done and once we get comfortable with our sales and bookkeeping programs, we will be good.

Monday we are opening our doors for business.  Possibly have a evening event during middle of September for our facebook followers, kind of a sneak preview with wine and snacks.  Diane has a trip scheduled with her sister last week of August and I have a wedding the beginning of September and a show the end of September.  Those had been planned a long time ago, before the opportunity to open a store appeared.

I have had two people come in and place orders for custom work, which is cool.  One of the did some shopping while she was here so we had our first sale!banner

So the grand opening is scheduled for October 6!  Oh boy!

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