We are a Work in Progress

So setting up a website has been a total learning experience for me.  Actually, this whole store opening process is way out of my box.  Mostly has been a good experience, but good gravy,  is my brain getting fried!

Backstory is my friend and partner in crime Diane Turley and I decided it was time to open our own storefront.  We have, for the last seven years, been doing craft fairs, antique booths, and custom work.  She knows retail up, down and sideways and I love doing custom quilts, so we decided to combine everything in our own store.

I participated in a Co-Starter program in Gallitan Tn, if you can get into that program, do it.  Lots of information, and support.  Wrote up a business plan and we started to figure out how to get some money.  I spoke to a lender who said we needed a contract on a space before we could apply.  So we found a great spot, applied for a loan, then learned that starter loans are very hard to get approved.  I had been told that, but you know how that goes, you have to experience it to believe it.  So we had to pass up on that space.

We decided to pause and regroup on our storefront for a bit.  Currently I rent space in Momma’s Place in Goodlettsville TN, really cool people who have been very good to me. And Diane rents a booth there.

I buckled down and forced myself to set up this website.  You have no idea what a challenge that is for me (and my husband since he has to listen to me yell at the computer).  So far so good.  I still need to set up a selling page but for now I am keeping our Etsy site to sell from.

I appreciate any comments or suggestions anyone would have for me about blogging, the website or a storefront.

We are a working our way down our path to a store, (with some speedbumps on the way).

We welcome you to follow our rocky road!


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